Dan Grading

The 65th UTA Dan Grading was held at Central Academy on Saturday 19th Sept.  It was the first time a dan grading had been held outdoors.  The weather was kind to us and the grading was conducted under strict UTA dan grading conditions.  Central Academy had eight candidates and all were successful!
Grading Results
Zack Ross - Promoted to 1st Poom Black Belt.  Zack turns 12 this weekend!  He has trained with Central since he was 7 years old.  Last year he won his category at the National Championships and became British Champion.
Max Cartwright - Promoted to 1st Poom Black Belt.  Max turned 12 last month and has been with Central for six and a half years.  He has spent the last couple of years competing all over the country in both poomsae and kyorugi.  He has collated a very impressive medal haul and even during lockdown he has managed to win a number medals in virtual international competitions!
Bethany Dewar - Promoted to 1st Poom Black Belt.  Bethany is 13 and has trained for four and a half years.  She has won many poomsae competitions, including Red Belt British Champion.  Last year she was invited to join the National Poomsae Squad and has a great future in competitive poomsae.
Colin Smyth - Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.  Colin took up taekwondo four years ago.  He becomes the 4th member of the Smyth family to achieve Black Belt.  They now join the unique club of entire black belt families!  Despite starting taekwondo late, Colin has experience of competing in veteran kyorugi competition and has numerous poomsae medals too.
Tommy Evenden - Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.  Tommy has experience of taekwondo from his younger days.  He made his comeback nearly four years ago with Central.  He has always maintained a high standard and as well as being a qualified poomsae judge, he has also medalled at major poomsae events.
Fiona Cochrane - Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.  Fiona only joined Central two and a half years ago but she had many years experience of Korean martial arts.  She has been a very dedicated student throughout her time with us, hardly ever missing a class and always giving 100%.  Fiona becomes our 238th Black Belt!
Paula Smyth - Promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt.  Paula has worked very hard since achieving 1st Dan two years ago.  She has shown great determination to overcome injury and still manage to progress and improve. She is both a qualified kyorugi referee and a qualified poomsae judge, as well as being a very experienced poomsae competitor.  A great asset to Central and a well deserved promotion.
Tracey Shaw - Promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt.  Tracey becomes the 24th Central member to achieve the senior rank of 3rd Dan.  She has trained with us for over eleven years.  It was exactly 5 years ago to the day that Tracey passed her 2nd Dan!  Tracey has supported her daughter Erin who, over the last few years has been competing internationally and was this year selected for the Junior Worlds.  This has given Tracey lots of experience of high level taekwondo competition.  Tracey herself, twice competed as a veteran at the Scottish Championships, both times winning Gold!
A massive congratulations to all our successful candidates from everyone at Central Academy.  Great to see all your hard work paying off.